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Chulie Davey


Maxine Savidge


Chulie was raised in Hong Kong, has British and New Zealand citizenship and lives in Malaysia with her husband. She has three grown children – two sons and a daughter. Chulie has a Diploma in Professional Counselling, with an interest in women’s issues. Her affinity for Nepal first developed through yearly projects with the Himalayan Light Foundation These took her to remote areas of the country which created a profound respect for the people and a greater awareness of issues they face, particularly women. Chulie is dedicated to empowering exploited, underprivileged women in Nepal, create better lives for themselves and their families.       


Maxine is English, has two grown sons and currently lives in Malaysia with her husband. She has a B.SC  in Applied Biology and CELTA qualification to teach EFL. She was first motivated to visit Nepal after sponsoring Chulie on a Himalayan Light Foundation project, realising how much could be achieved by a committed individual and with a relatively small budget. Her initial visit to Nepal involved teaching English to members of the NGO, Biswas Nepal. She found herself immediately attracted to the country, inspired by the quiet dignity of the Nepalese, in spite of  the hardships they face. Maxine is committed to helping disadvantaged women in Nepal to change their lives.

Dr Alan O’Neill
Vice Chair

Kay Watkins



Alan is New Zealand born, an Australian citizen, and currently living in Hong Kong. He is head of executive development for a leading Asia based conglomerate that has over 370,000 employees. Alan has a PhD and MBA. He loves to keep himself healthy and fit and has a commitment to help those less fortunate, having been a beneficiary himself when a young boy. He is married and has children and grandchildren.


Kay is a New Zealander who has lived in the UK, Australia and, for the last 30 years, in Hong Kong.  She has two adult sons who are now living in Australia and the UK.  She has worked as a relocation consultant for several  years and  encountered many people from a variety of cultures.  She has visited Nepal in the past and would love to do what she can to help disadvantaged women from this beautiful country.




Sue Tedd - Fundraising/Web

  Darina Walsh

Health Advisor

Sue is British born and moved to Hong Kong when she was 13 years old.  Since then, she has lived in several Asian countries with her husband and now grown children.  Sue moved to Malaysia in May 2012 and soon became involved with WONDERWorks.  Sue firmly, believes in 'giving back' and hopes to be able to help women in Nepal lead productive lives.


Darina is from Ireland and has spent the last 33 years as an expat, mostly in Asia.  She is a qualified SRN and has three grown children, two girls and a boy, who all live in London.  Darina moved back to Malaysia when her husband retired recently and got involved with WONDERWorks through Chulie and Maxine.  After visiting Nepal with Chulie and witnessing their work first hand, she became inspired to try and help with the many health challenges women and girls face, with emphasis on awareness and education.


Yadav Raj Gurung- Project Manager/Liaison

Yadav lives in Kathmandu and is project manager for the Himalayan Light Foundation hhtp:// an NGO which brings solar panelled lighting to remote villages.   His dedication to improve the lives of the people in his country is reflected in his support for the mission of WONDERWorks.  He has a keen interest in travelling and meeting new people.


Jenn Gill-Kaur - Fundraising


Jenn was born in Malaysia but moved to Canada at a young age.After completing university in Toronto she moved to California to pursue a career in Corporate Pension Management then headed back to Canada to become CFO in the Logistics Industry. Since 2012 she’s been living and working in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,  as CEO of Dialers Call Centre.


High on Jenn’s agenda is a strong desire to help the women of Nepal become entrepreneurs. Raised by a mum that fell short of having an education, Jenn's ambition is to see that women in Nepal have opportunities that enable them to support their families.







Paul Cooke



Marc Davey